Our therapists share a common vision, work diligently and provide the kind of patient care that will help change our patient's lives for the better.
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Our Services

PCT Rehab is a leader and premier provider of physical, occupational and speech-language rehabilitation services.

Physical therapy designed to restore balance, improve mobility and reduce the risk of falling.

Address the emotional, social and financial needs that frequently accompany health care issues.

Improve ability to perform essential daily tasks in a safe and secure home environment.

Provide a broad range of health care services to help patients feel better at home.

Improving communication, involves strategies for better swallowing and enhanced cognitive abilities.

Provides personal care services including help with bathing, using the toilet, and dressing.

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About Us

Providing contract therapy in the home health and post-acute settings is challenging and ever changing. Our clients look to us to not only maintain exceptional outcomes and clinical collaboration, but also to be a trusted partner in helping their organizations perform better. Founded by a Physical Therapist, PCT Rehab has been an independently owned, trusted, ethical provider of therapy services for home health agencies, hospitals, and senior living communities.


Our home health agency partner has entrusted us with providing care for their patients, building their motivation, helping them face their challenges and acting as an extension of each agency.


A provider of contract rehabilitation to a variety of facility settings including: long term care, senior living, hospitals, and other organizations.

Our Methods In Healing

We stand by the following values that are ingrained and demonstrated in how we function within our work environment daily.

  1. The highest standards of patient-centered care and ethical conduct.

  2. Focusing on health, safety, and well-being of our patients, clients, and team members.

  3. Partnering and sharing to achieve the best outcomes.

  4. Genuine respect and care for all members of the PCT community.

  5. Expanding knowledge and setting ourselves apart to reach new horizons.


PCT Rehab is a place where you can excel as a clinician, make great friends and be passionate about helping people every day. Being a therapist is a calling and we attribute our success to the talent, strength, and determination in each of our therapists. Join our team now!

Our Team

Helping patients to reach their personal potential, feel stronger, pursue the activities they enjoy and live more independently so they can never feel they are on the bed that is how they will refuse to surrender, That is how they will rebuild their body and soul. We are proud of our leadership team.

Inspiring Better Health

PCT Rehab understands their is no one size fits all approach to rehabilition services and senior care. That is why our business relationships are called partnerships and partnership comes under an umbrella of the family because laughter is timeless, imagination has no age.

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