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Meeting Home Health Staffing Needs

Home health care and hospice agencies exist for the purpose of linking clients in need with the most suitable healthcare professionals for the job. In a time when, across each state, the demand for first-rate therapists and other healthcare professionals in home care has seen a sharp rise, a challenge exists for clients, for agencies, and for the professionals they represent: how to meet the high demand for quality home health staffing. Enter Pearlz Concierge Therapy, a contract therapy company dedicated to connecting top-notch therapists, nurses, and social workers with agencies and, ultimately, with clients in need of care.

We Service Home Health Care and Hospice Agencies

In order to confidently meet new home health staffing demands, your home health care or hospice agency must have access to qualified and experienced therapists, social workers, and nurses. PCT’s therapy staffing specializes in providing top-notch therapy services to home health and hospice agencies. We will work not only to provide your agency with skilled and practiced healthcare professionals, but also ensure your agency is compliant with current Medicare and Medicaid guidelines, so that, in turn, your agency can provide the utmost in care for your clients.

At Connect Health Professionals, our goal for home health agency staffing is threefold:

  • To Provide Exceptional Patient Care—Linking your agency with expert therapists and other home healthcare professionals will ensure your clients receive appropriate care and treatment plans.
  • To Represent Your Agency with Quality Service— Our highly-qualified and experienced home health and hospice care professionals will seek the best interests of both their clients and your agency.
  • To Ensure Compliance with CMS guidelines— Our trained therapists and home healthcare professionals will be familiar with Medicare guidelines and home health regulations.

Home Health Agency Staffing for Professionals

As a licensed therapist, social worker, or nurse seeking employment in home healthcare, your goal is to be matched with a suitable job accompanied by appropriate pay. At Pearlz Concierge Therapy we make it our business to link you with a good-fit situation that ultimately utilizes your skills and experience while allowing you to give your best care to the clients who need you.

Staffing Services

PCT’s therapy staffing offers home health staffing services for the following home healthcare professionals:

  • Physical Therapists (PT)
  • Occupational Therapists (OT)
  • Speech Therapists/Speech-language pathologists (SLP)
  • Social Workers (Master of Social Work) (MSW)
  • Registered Nurses (RN, BSN)

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